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Along the A12, you can not miss this awesome Asian cuisine restaurant, Chinatown. The big green roof and trim burgundy way “pagoda” and the enormous white stone Buddha to indicate that this indeed is the temple of the buffet. Within two spheres. Or the veranda near the buffet. Either the front room furnished with valuable timber, some of the most enjoyable round tables for up to 10 guests and where majestic Koi swimming slowly under the floorboards of glass.

At the head of this great ship, the Tran family. Mr. and Mrs. inside the kitchen where he works cuisine Vietnamese, Chinese and Thai. In addition to the traditional menu, the house is best known for its excellent buffet € 24.50 including an impressive selection of soups, appetizers (crispy and steam), dishes (which change regularly) and desserts. Served on Friday and Saturday from 18h to 23h and Sundays from 12h to 15h and 18h to 23h.

We also have pins on the tables of rice of 29.90 € / pers. (2 pers. Min.), The Chinese fondue from € 28/pers. (2 pers. Min.).

Lunch weekdays (soup or appetizer + dish) to 12 €.

Rice table “special week” Monday through Thursday for lunch and dinner at 17,50 € / pers. (2 pers. Min.) And includes a choice of entry + 4 plates. Why not?
Catering take-out

Parties and celebrations for Christmas and New Year in December. Special menu, Dance of the Unicorn and firecrackers for Chinese New Year in mid-February. More information.

1 Private Dreef
1860 Meise
Tel. 02/269.79.97 – 02/269.76.10
0473 47 19 26
info @ china-town.


In Chinatown, you will be welcomed in a warm and typically Chinese. For five years, the China Town restaurant offers you the opportunity to choose a buffet, and this Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Initially, Chinatown was just a restaurant, but for some time, the restaurant also offers a catering service.