home delivery



Catering service for in-house levering.We deliver within the hour catering service.

In a radius of 10 km

(Meise, Grimnergen, Laeken, Jette, Merchtem, Wemmel, King-Lo)

You want to invite friends to your home. You would prefer a gezelige time to experience your guests instead of the whole evening by piecing in the kitchen

     Stay home

Set trust in China-Town that will take care of everything for you. A call will take, within the hour (in a radius of 10 km, mi, order € 30) to receive the menu. Same yourself have brought out our menu card To receive this card, you can call us on number (02) 269 79 97 or (02) 269 76 10


1 Private Dreef
1860 Meise
Tel. 02/269.79.97 – 02/269.76.10
info @ china-town.be